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Outbreak, Surveillance and Investigation Reports (OSIR) is an online publication on epidemiological works of health professionals in Asia and the Pacific.


How we are unique!

  • Offer editorial support with public health and animal health experts from China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and USA
  • Support both English and native languages of authors
  • Illustrate with graphics and photographs to overcome language barrier in Asia
  • Replay the posters presented in scientific conferences to display the valuable works of fellows


    Estimation and trend projection of lung cancer incidence by histological type in Songkhla Province, Thailand
    Asian Cancer Registry Forum 2014
    Bangkok, Thailand, 6-7 Feb 2014
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    An investigation of a noroviral suspected gastroenteritis outbreak in a remote village, Guangxi, China, 25-27 October 2012
    Seventh TEPHINET Biregional Conference
    Danang, Vietnam, 12-14 Nov 2013
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    Investigation of brucellosis among livestock and human in a community, Songkhla Province, Thailand, 2011
    Seventh TEPHINET Global Conference 
    Amman, Jordan, 10-15 Nov 2012
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